Me and Pete

About me. Pete.

Pete is an Essex based acoustic solo guitarist who is fuelled by and instinctive passion for music.

Having played the guitar privately for over 20 years, mainly to friends and family, it became increasingly apparent to Pete, and all those around him, that he had the ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, simply by picking up the guitar, and naturally doing what he loves.

Pete doesn’t aim to fill the shoes of an extravagant singer, a 3 piece band, an over exuberant DJ, or a belting wedding breakfast playlist.

Pete is there to create a vibe. Something in the background that creates an ambience without people realising.

Something that guests can listen to whilst having a conversation, eating canapés or gearing up for the excitement of the evening party.

With a loop pedal for acoustic backing tracks (all recorded by Pete … of course).

Your guests will love sitting back and listening to a carefully curated selection of originals and covers.